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  • 英文篇名:Screening of pyrene degradation bacteria strain from the Kochia scoparia roots and its potential for promoting growth
  • 作者:曹阳 ; 宋立超 ; 钮旭光 ; 张薇 ; 刘新政 ; 吴珊 ; 李思楠 ; 李海燕
  • 英文作者:CAO Yang;SONG Li-chao;NIU Xu-guang;ZHANG Wei;LIU Xin-zheng;WU Shan;LI Si-nan;LI Hai-yan;College of Land and Environment, Shenyang Agricultural University/Key Laboratory of Arable Land Conservation (Northeast China), Ministry of Agriculture/National Engineering Laboratory for Efficient Utilization of Soil and Fertilizer Resources;
  • 关键词:ACC脱氨酶 ; 根内生细菌 ; 地肤 ; 多环芳烃 ; 降解
  • 英文关键词:ACC deaminase;;endophytic bacteria;;Kochia scoparia;;polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons;;degradation
  • 中文刊名:应用生态学报
  • 英文刊名:Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology
  • 机构:沈阳农业大学土地与环境学院/农业部东北耕地保育重点实验室/土肥资源高效利用国家工程实验室;
  • 出版日期:2019-03-26 13:28
  • 出版单位:应用生态学报
  • 年:2019
  • 期:06
  • 基金:国家自然科学基金项目(41703103);; 农业部东北耕地保育重点实验室项目(2015NYBKFT-4)资助~~
  • 语种:中文;
  • 页:263-269
  • 页数:7
  • CN:21-1253/Q
  • ISSN:1001-9332
  • 分类号:X172
从多环芳烃耐受植物根内分离具多环芳烃降解功能的内生细菌并研究其促生特性,为内生菌协同宿主植物修复多环芳烃污染土壤提供基础.以长期受多环芳烃污染的焦化厂区生长的地肤为材料,从其根内分离出以芘和1-氨基环丙烷-1-羧酸(ACC)为唯一碳源和氮源的内生细菌8株.通过芘降解试验,筛选得到3株高效芘降解内生细菌KSE4、KSE7和KSE8,经鉴定分别为芽孢杆菌属、假单胞菌属和鞘氨醇菌属.通过液体培养试验,研究了3株菌在芘胁迫下产ACC脱氨酶的能力和对地肤种子萌发的影响.结果表明:随着芘浓度(0~15 mg·L~(-1))的升高,ACC脱氨酶活性降低,其中KSE7的效果最好,在芘浓度为15 mg·L~(-1)时,地肤发芽率和芽长分别比对照提高了44.8%和61.1%,在地肤-微生物修复焦化厂污染土壤的修复中具有一定的应用潜力.
        The endophytic bacteria were isolated from the roots of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon(PAHs)-tolerant plant. We investigated their ability of PAHs degradation and plant growth promo-ting, with the aim to provide theoretical support for bacterial-plant cooperative soil remediation. Kochia scoparia living in coking plant area were selected for strains isolation. Eight endophytic bacteria strains, which used pyrene and 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid(ACC) as sole carbon and nitrogen source, were isolated from the roots of K. scoparia. Three endophytic bacteria, KSE4, KSE7 and KSE8, displayed high degradation efficiency in pyrene degradation experiment. They were identified as Bacillus sp., Pseudomonas sp., and Sphingobacterium sp., respectively. The abili-ties of those three strains to produce ACC deaminase and their effects on seed germination of K. scoparia were examined under pyrene stress through liquid culture tests. The results showed that the activity of ACC deaminase decreased with increasing pyrene concentration(0-15 mg·L~(-1)). KSE7 had the strongest promotion effect. When pyrene concentration reached to 15 mg·L~(-1), the germination rate and bud length of K. scoparia increased by 44.8% and 61.1%, respectively. Our results indicated that KSE7 is a promising bacterial strain for soil remediation in coking plant area.
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